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Trekking Socks Extreme Comodo STE Black

Part Number STE-01
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Trekking Socks Extreme Comodo STE Black
Trekking Socks Extreme Comodo STE Black
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EXTREME Trekking Socks

Trekking Socks STE Comodo is a specialized product designed for all activities related to long-term walking: trips, trips to the area, long walks, etc.

Medium weight terry socks in the foot, calf. Recommended for all seasons.

ISOLWOOL is a phenomenal fiber composed of 50% merino wool and 50% Meraklon fiber. it is several times stronger than others.

The combination of MERYNOS Wool and MERAKLON Polypropylene provides protection against heat loss, wicking moisture away from the body, which guarantees the ideal temperature of the body and in the most difficult climatic conditions, protecting the feet primarily from the cold, but also from excessive overheating.

Construction of the socks 5 special zones:

    Terry protection zone, protects the ankle against abrasion
    Terry reinforced zone, protects against blisters and imprints, increases air circulation, reduces friction and pressure
    Pressure zone reinforced terry, protects against knocks, reduces pressure
    Flat seam zone - protects your fingers
    The elastic two-layer cuff placed on the foot and the upper part of the calf prevents the sock from slipping.

 Material composition:

- 75% Isolwool

- 7% Polyester

- 15% Poiyamid

- 3% Spandex
Producer: Comodo Technical Socks


M- 39-42

L- 43-46

Merino Wool - natural wool of the highest quality, obtained from Merino sheep. Merino yarn is characterized by exceptional softness, which ensures a high level of comfort.

Features: Merino wool provides excellent thermal insulation; in hot summer it cools the skin, and during cold winters it warms it up. And this is due to the fact that a lot of air stops in the wool fiber structure. Regardless of the type of physical activity being performed, wool insulates and regulates the temperature. It allows you to keep warm during frost and cold during the heat, and at the same time removes moisture, leaving your skin dry for longer.

Benefits: Merino wool perfectly separates moisture from the skin - its hygroscopicity is the highest of all fibers. Very popular for the production of outdoor socks and clothing as it is known for its high quality and durability. Thanks to the self-cleaning scales found on the surface of the fibers - merino wool significantly reduces the unpleasant odor that arises as a result of sweat deposition. In addition, it keeps the environment hostile to bacteria. Hence, it is also valued in the production of children's clothing. In addition, merino wool is characterized by very high softness and fluffiness, and its fibers are extremely thin and resilient.

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